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At Kane Wound Care, We Treat You Like Family

Kane Wound Care was founded on the principle that any patient with a wound, no matter their background, deserves to have access to high-quality wound care professionals.

Happy People, Helping People

In each and every interaction with Kane Wound Care, you will encounter someone who is:


We get to know each patient, we care about each wound and we care about your staff.


Our medical professionals are board certified in innovative wound care techniques.


We bring innovative wound care techniques and training directly to your facility.


We believe in providing a positive and joyful experience to your patients and staff.


We check our egos at the door and partner with you to provide the best care to your patients.

We can see a not-to-distant future where all providers will eventually embrace this organic approach to wound care because at the end of the day, we all must do what’s right for the patient. At Kane Wound Care, our patients always come first, no exceptions.

What People are Saying About Kane Wound Care

“Thanks to their help, things are getting better. I’m more mobile and I’m getting around. I’m grateful to Kane Wound Care. Thanks to them I have my life back and I see a brighter future ahead.”

-Margaret Trudeau

“Kane Wound Care does an amazing thing that no one else does.”

-Susan Roman

“As the director of nursing, it’s important to have a team to support educational training for my staff. With the help of Kane Wound Care, my nurses feel confident in treating complicated wound cases.”

-Edith Jimenez

Request On-Site Education or Refer a Patient

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