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Kane Wound Care brings caring, optimistic and knowledgeable medical professionals to your facility to provide patients with the highest levels of wound treatment at their bedside.

Why Bring Kane Wound Care to Your Facility?

Early Treatment and Prevention

Bringing in a wound care specialist early can not only reduce complications and help the patient heal faster, but also improve reimbursements for the facility.

Delivering a Better Patient Experience

Each of our medical professionals is compassionate and kind. They approach every case with a positive attitude and will go the extra mile to treat the whole patient.

Providing High-Quality Wound Care

We bring the wound care center right to the patient’s bedside, including wound debridement, incision and drainages, ostomy care, PEG and Suprapubic catheter replacements.

Improving Facility Metrics

Each visit is thoroughly documented via our dedicated wound care EHR. We provide quality metrics to present to payer sources or partnered healthcare systems and help facilities stay compliant with DOH wound care regulations and reduce readmission rates.

eduKane On-Site Training

A member of our dedicated clinical team will travel to your facility and educate your staff on wound types, proper staging of pressure injuries, etiologies and treatments.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Ensuring a collaborative effort with medical directors, primary physicians, surgeons, nursing leadership, rehabilitation team, dieticians and social workers to create a patient centered plan of care to promote successful goals and outcomes.

Pioneering Advanced Wound Care Techniques

At Kane Wound Care we use innovative technology with safe violet light to detect biofilm and early bioburden in the wound to initiate early treatment and prevent infection from setting in. We've invested in cutting edge technologies to transform the traditional bedside wound care model.

Our proprietary AI-inspired BOT technology makes medical records and reports consistent, accurate and efficient.
Doctor examines patients knee with tablet
  • Thanks to their help, things are getting better. I’m more mobile and I’m getting around. I’m grateful to Kane Wound Care. Thanks to them I have my life back and I see a brighter future ahead.

    Margaret Trudeau


  • Kane Wound Care does an amazing thing that no one else does.

    Susan Roman

  • As the director of nursing, it’s important to have a team to support educational training for my staff. With the help of Kane Wound Care, my nurses feel confident in treating complicated wound cases.

    Edith Jimenez

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